About the Start-up Expo

As the side event of think.BDPST strategic conference on innovation, the Start-up Expo is an international exhibition joined by representatives of the start-up world. In 2020, innovative enterprises, innovators, and start-ups will have the opportunity to present their ideas, solutions, and prototypes in front of an international audience and investors.

The Start-up Expo includes Pitch Sessions and several interactive workshops that provide a platform for talented people full of ideas, start-ups, SMEs, and corporations to introduce their activities and ideas of how to create an ecosystem of innovation.

In 2020, Start-up Expo will focus on the regulation of high-tech-engineering innovations of deep technology start-ups, which can fundamentally change our lives in the near future. Although the regulation of this emerging sector is a key issue of the coming years, it is indisputable that these innovations also have great potential to be discussed and presented, therefore, the aim of the Start-up Expo is to bring together the brightest start-up solutions and take a glimpse into the opportunities of this emerging sector.