Antall József Knowledge Centre

The Antall József Knowledge Centre (AJKC) in Hungary, during its ten years of existence, has introduced a variety of events targeting Hungarian students enrolled in higher education, as well as domestic and international professional audiences.

The Knowledge Centre is a think tank researching topics of national, regional, and international relevance, such as the Visegrad Cooperation, the future global role of the EU, US, China, and the Middle East, security policy, sustainable development, as well as technological and social innovation.

The whole of AJKC works toward strengthening institutional relations both at the national and international level, developing scholarship and internship programmes, and boosting professional cooperation via international conferences, workshops, and event series. Our institution’s main office is located in Budapest that operates with three international departments—dealing with the EU and the V4, the USA, and Asia and Africa—and three thematic departments—focusing on security policy, sustainable development, and talent management. In addition, AJKC has two regional offices in Pécs and Győr, as well as an office in Brussels, which was established in 2015 to represent the Antall philosophy in the heart of the European Union and promote the values that he stood for on an international level.

The publishing activities of AJKC involve releasing professional publications, scientific works on political and social sciences (with special regard to security policy and international relations), as well as university textbooks. In our autobiographical series, prominent personalities of the Cold War period, including Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Margaret Thatcher, and Helmut Kohl, recount crucial years and decisions still affecting their lives. Reacting to events of political, social, and economic significance in the 21st century, the professional publications series of the Knowledge Centre is made up of works incorporating the latest results of international relations and geopolitics, the history of politics, economics, and psychology.

Hello Tomorrow Hungary

The mission of Hello Tomorrow Hungary is to empower science-entrepreneurs by giving them the right tools to take their innovations out of the labs and into the world.

A Glimpse into the Future