About the Start-up Expo

In April 2019, 17 exhibitors and a great number of visitors are expected to the think.BDPST Start-up Expo, an international exhibition presenting the European start-up world and one of the side events of the two-day think.BDPST strategic conference. At the event, innovative enterprises, innovators – key actors of the European innovation scene – will have the opportunity to meet and share ideas, while also promoting their products in front of think.BDPST’s international audience, visitors, and investors.

The think.BDPST Start-up Expo includes a professional meeting of regional experts and state representatives from the main start-up cities in Europe, and a Demo Day (pitch session) that provides an opportunity for talented start uppers to introduce their developed projects in 3-minute speeches with a Q&A session, while also encouraging B2B meetings with incubators and investors.

The think.BDPST Start-up Expo aims to make Budapest an integral part of the European start-up scene, where the most exciting devices and developments are introduced to the regional audience. It is a platform where investors, incubators, organisations that support enterprises, university students, and graduated young people can learn more about the activities of start-ups present.

In 2019, the think.BDPST Start-up Expo will focus on smart cities, smart homes, new technologies in regional development, and new ways affecting our lives in the digital societies and democracies.

As the think.BDPST conference main guest will be the UK, promising and successful start-ups with a British background are awaited to the think.BDPST Start-up Expo.

A Glimpse into the Future